The Fast&Fixed method enables our dentists to offer a proven surgical & prosthetic therapy so that the patient is able to receive a fixed therapeutic bridge on the same day.

Thanks to angular placement of the implants, the local bone can be made optimal use of and perfect biomechanical support of the restoration is achieved. Immediate loading of the restoration is enabled in combination with the connection of the bridge. The perfectly matched materials allow to fabricate the temporary restoration in less than 2 hours.

GriDent is a long year provider and is the advanced training center of this method in Turkey. Hence the dentist learn from the best and you will have treatment guaranty.

If you have one or more missing teeth or wear bridges or dentures, contact us to discuss dental implants. You owe it to yourself to discover how you can achieve an exquisite smile and confidence that comes with it!

 Immediate fixed prosthesis with Fast&Fixed technique

Fast and Fixed Technique has been developed for edentulous patients to have fixed prosthetics on the same day of their implant placement procedure. So this method gives a chance to patients to have their dreams come true. The patient can leave the surgery in a couple of hours with a fixed prosthesis placed on the new implants even with a small amount of extra cost.

Benefits of Fast&Fixed

  • Prosthesis is tightly screwed on the dental implants.
  • Immediate fixed temporary prosthesis can be used at the same day
  • Permanent dental implants for life long
  • It can be prevented from possible future bone loss in most of the cases.


  • Edentulous jaw
  • If there are teeth need to be extracted, it can be done with implant replacement at the same session.
  • Cysts in the jaws and periodontal diseases must have treated before the procedure.
  • Bone augmentation can be necessary if the patient has advanced osteoporosis.

The Method

The method 6 to 8 implants should have placed in upper jaw while 4 to 6 is enough for lower jaw. Long term temporary fixed prosthesis is placed and screwed on top of the new implants at the same day.

Our dentists recommend you to take one week off for this procedure. Long term temporary fixed prosthesis is going to be replaced in 3 or 6 months with a fixed permanent prosthesis.



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