Dental Inlays and Onlays are used when tooth damage is not extensive enough to use a crown. They are superior alternatives to dental filling, when the normal structure of a damaged or decayed tooth is restored by cementing or bonding the surface of the tooth. Inlays and onlays are usually made of various metal alloys or tooth-colored ceramic that is molded to perfectly fit the shape of the hollow space in your tooth. The difference between the two is that onlays cover a larger surface of the damaged tooth.

Here at GriDent we are dedicated to our patients’ satisfaction. It is important to us that the results of the treatments are always excellent. Schedule your appointment at GriDent and take your first step toward a perfect smile!

 Treatment Procedure

Initially we will conduct a thorough exam and determine what kind of treatment is appropriate in your case. If the use of inlay or onlay is appropriate, we will help you choose which materials best suit your needs and desires. We use porcelain inlays that can be ideally matched to the natural color of your teeth.

Then the tooth will be prepared, the damaged part of the tooth or any decay will be cleared out, an impression of your tooth will be taken in order to make an inlay or onlay that will perfectly match the tooth. In order to protect your tooth, we will attach a temporary restoration material which will later be replaced by the permanent inlay or onlay.

The procedure of bonding will take place at your second appointment at GriDent. After the process of perfectly fitting and matching the inlay or onlay to your tooth, we will securely bond it in place and polish the structure.

GriDent uses only the most advanced equipment and materials to deliver an outstanding treatment experience and beautiful, long lasting results. We offer are a great alternative to fillings for several reasons:

· With inlays & onlays more of the natural tooth structure is preserved

· Inlays & onlays strengthen the tooth structure, whereas the filling weakens it

· Inlays & onlays eliminate tooth sensitivity and any further loss of the tooth

· Inlays & onlays are securely bonded to the cavity which prevents the spreading of bacteria

· Porcelain and resin inlays & onlays are esthetically superior to filling, and look like real enamel

· Inlays & onlays are very durable and resist discoloration



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